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    Supernatural information

    Post by Enochian on Tue 29 Jun 2010 - 22:54

    This page is designed to inform all non-Supernatural fans of how to rp here, it includes everything I could think of to inform you of all the creatures and spirits, weapons and higher beings.


    I would also note at this point, there has been a shift in the world. Creatures are acting out of turn, they are not acting as they should. For example, werewolves coming out in the half moon sometimes and not just only in the full moon. This means you can play fast and loose with canon. Have fun Very Happy .

    Creatures and beings

    Spirits / Ghosts
    • Ghosts of people who have died, are still here for: revenge, just an evil soul naturally, unfinished business
    • Some spirits may only be seen by certain people – those with physic abilities, those the spirits wish to harm or contact, or those in a certain state of mind.
    • Ghosts are tied to one place and cannot leave it, usually where they died.
    • Ectoplasm*
    • Can make lights flicker on and off, move through walls, have telekinesis, teleport, make physical contact with people eg can punch them, talk to people
    • The most violent ghosts can possess people and move around in their body, moving miles away from where they haunt. If they are forced to leave the body they are thrown back to where they haunt.
    • Cold spots are signs of ghosts/spirits
    • Killed by: salting then burning the remains (if the person has been cremated then some sort of genetic material eg hair, a fingernail must be tying to ghost to Earth)

    Death echoes
    • Death echoes are caught in a loop, re-enacting their deaths again and again.
    • Are harmless.
    • Killed by: They can sometimes be broken out of this loop by someone they have an emotional connection with.

    Lady in white
    • A ghost of a woman and mother who when living learned her husband cheated on her. She then went insane and killed her children and then herself.
    • The ghost then goes onto kill unfaithful men
    • It is terrified of her murdered children and the place when she murdered them.
    • Killed by: coming face to face with the ghosts of their children or being forced to enter the place when they killed their children

    • Change at night with the full moon
    • Is possible not to even know you are a werewolf
    • No fur, just lengthened incisors and claw-like nails
    • Superhuman strength and speed.
    • When in werewolf form, they will attack indiscriminately and ferociously.
    • If someone has been bitten or scratched by a werewolf they become a werewolf themselves – there is no cure.
    • Killed by: silver bullets in whichever form (silver burns them)

    • Have retractable fangs
    • Will only choose one mate in life
    • Can survive on animal blood – though they hate the taste
    • Become a vampire by ingesting the blood of a vampire
    • Light does not affect them but prefer to attack and feast at night
    • Can not turn into bats
    • Dead man’s blood is poison to them.
    • Holy stuff doesn’t affect them
    • Can live for hundreds of years, maybe more.
    • Are social – vampires form covens for safety, hunting effectiveness and companionship
    • Killed by: chopping off their head

    • Strongest at night but powerful in day
    • Superhuman strength, speed and sight
    • Likes to live in a dark place
    • Does not initially kill its victims. It takes them and then hangs them from the roof by their hands for storage then eats them alive.
    • Can mimic a man’s voice
    • Guns and knives do not hurt it, just annoy it.
    • Hibernates for years until it awakens to feed
    • Smarter than the average human
    • Were formed in a time of great famine, and a human ate other people to stay alive.
    • Killed by: fire

    • Disguises themselves as regular humans
    • When feeding, they reveal sharp needle like teeth
    • Devour their victim’s essence, therefore eating their souls
    • They are excellent mimics, able to replicate voices exactly
    • Their preferred method of contacting their victims is by posing as a deceased loved one and asking them to ‘come to them’.
    • Killed by: a metal stake through their head

    • Invisible to human eyes with only their shadows being detectable.
    • They have long sharp taloned hands
    • Extremely savage and animalistic
    • Killed by: sensitive to extremely bright light sources – if an area is lit bright enough, daevas cannot exist in that space if there are no shadows for them to hide in.

    • Look like any man or woman but with tattoo-like markings
    • Can knock someone out with a blue lightning from their hands
    • They keep their victims alive by putting them in dream worlds while they slowly feed off of their blood.
    • Their dream worlds are basically dreams the victim has about being in a world where all the dreams are true.
    • Killed by: silver

    Pagan Gods
    You must PM me with a profile before starting to roleplay with a pagan God.
    • Feast on human flesh
    • Thrive on the worship of humans
    • Are in a physical form eg a cheerful neighbour or a even a scarecrow
    • Killed by: a stake made of wood from evergreen wood however other more powerful Gods are apparently nigh-on invulnerable, other than to individuals with even greater power.

    • Have rubbery skin
    • Like to live in dark places
    • Born by human parents but they are just different
    • Before they change they must shed their previous human skin
    • Must have touched the skin of the person they want to shapeshift into before changing
    • While they normally have normal eyes, their eyes sometimes turn white, this is very obvious in cameras
    • Animals such as dogs are notably unsettled by their presence.
    • Killed by: silver to the heart

    Skin walkers
    • Cousins of shapeshifters
    • Are bascially humans that can turn into animals
    • Killed by : silver

    • No such thing as a natural witch
    • More than one way to become a witch:
    - Normal people prey to demons for things, demon does them and in return the human’s soul is now the demons for eternity.
    - The use of powerful magical artifacts ie grimoires.
    • To cast a spell on a person eg to get them to spit up needles and die, they must have a hex bag* nearby.
    • Killed by: anything (same as human)

    • Reanimated corpses of recently dead people
    • Discoloured skin, glassy eyes, visible injuries and sometimes a shambling way of moving
    • Feel no pain
    • A spell is used to awaken them – inscriptions on inside of coffin is needed in spell
    • Wherever they go plants die
    • Do not come back as they were before, come back evil and usually kill
    • Extra strong
    • Unreasonable
    • Pale skin
    • Killed by: staking them into their coffin, it won't work anywhere else or removing their head

    • Whatever they’re believed to look like that’s what a Tulpa will look like, as thoughts about them change, Tulpa will change with them.
    • Tulpa are materialised by focusing on an idea, combined with the use of a special Babylonian sigil. For example, I draw a Babylonian sigil in a house, I tell a person there is a ghost that kills with an axe there and they believe me. Low and behold a ghost that kills with an axe appears there. If I then say it isn’t an axe but a chainsaw and they believe me, the ‘ghost’ will change in a ghost who kills with a chainsaw. However, it is important to note that even though people believe it’s a ghost, salt and iron don’t affect it.
    • Killed by: whatever the belief about what kills them is and of course destroying the sigil along with that.

    • Escort newly dead souls to the afterlife
    • There are many reapers
    • People only see them if they are about to die or if they are an angel/demon/ a spirit
    • Can give and take life but it is extremely unusual for a reaper to give life
    • Dressed in black
    • Reapers can not go rogue
    • Can alter perceptions to appear whatever they wish
    • Will gather at times of great catastrophe, including natural disasters.
    • Killed by: Death's blade (Death is extremely powerful and therefore this will most likely not feature here)

    • Can shapeshift at will and even replicate themselves, though they have a default form which they commonly return to.
    • A pagan God eg Loki
    • Can create things out of thin air to amuse itself eg creating an alien abduction
    • Has a sweet tooth
    • Killed by: a wooden stake dipped in goat’s blood

    • Take the form of children but show their true form in a mirror sometimes.
    • True form – a desiccated-looking creature with empty eye sockets and a distinctive round multi toothed mouth.
    • Feed off of the synovial fluid of its new ‘mother’ creating a weird bruise on the back of the mothers neck – eventually fatal to the mother
    • Child changelings will operate under the command of a changeling mother, who will take the form of an adult human who is linked to them.
    • Usually kill the dad to get him out of the way.
    • Climb in during the night and steal the children.
    • Keep the children locked up in a dark place.
    • Killed by: fire, killing the mother will kill the offspring

    • Can change forms and even become invisible
    • Often on a day-to-day basis they’ll choose to take on a form that someone will trust or will disregard as not being a threat.
    • Feeds on human flesh
    • They cannot enter a home uninvited, so they may trick their way in so they can feed on the occupants.
    • Sleeps on a bed of insects.
    • Killed by: weapons made from brass

    • Hereditary
    • The transformation is not complete however, until they have tasted human flesh
    • A fully transformed Rugaru has a monstrous form.
    • When transformed, they are really strong.
    • Starts with a ravenous hunger for food
    • Develops into ravenous hunger for human meat
    • Extremely hard but it can resist and live a normal life but extremely rare
    • Killed by: fire

    • Take the form of the last person they ate
    • Can access the memories of those they impersonate
    • May be found living in family groups.
    • Eat people – usually dead bodies but some eat fresh live people
    • Killed by: destroying their head

    • By kissing someone, they poison you
    • The poison sends you crazy, like mental hospital crazy
    • They drill into your skull with a retractable drill in their wrist and feed on human brain juices
    • Shows it’s true self in mirrors
    • Killed by: silver

    • Takes the form of a person, usually an old lady
    • Can live for hundreds of years
    • They come into people’s bedrooms and feed off their life force
    • They prefer children because their life force is a lot stronger than adults but can feed on either
    • Killed by: normally it is invincible to anything, but consecrated iron bullets kill it while it is weak while feeding.

    • Shapeshifts into a person’s perfect fantasy
    • Shows it’s true self in mirrors
    • Infects victim with bodily fluids eg saliva which contain the euphoria-causing hormone oxytocin
    • When poisoned, the person is infatuated with the siren and does whatever the siren says
    • The siren then tells their victim to kill those closest to them with the excuse they (the siren and their victim) are only held apart by them.
    • Killed by: a bronze blade with siren poison on it

    • Consists of faeries, lepraucauns, large garden knomes and goblins.
    • Live in an alternate universe called Avalon
    • Only people who have been to avalon can see the faeiries or alternatively if the faeiries wants you to see them
    • People summon them with magic and make deals with them however faeiries don’t usually say what the price is
    • The price is first born sons in the area, they take as much as they want and will never stop until they have taken them all.
    • The sons are taken to Avalon to serve Oberon, the King of the faeries
    • The deal is broken by a counter spell
    • When taking the sons, they are taken by a bright light in the sky.
    • People easily mistake these lights and disappearences as UFO abductions
    • They are very powerful with magic, they rival angels and demons.
    • If sugar or salt is spilled in front of them, no matter how powerful the faerie must stoop and count every grain.
    • They love cream, it’s like tequila to them.
    • Killed by : all faeries hate iron, dark faeries are burnt by silver, microwaves kill them but your best sending them away with a counter spell

    Alpha males
    • The origin of the species, the first supernatural creature of its kind eg first shapeshifter
    • Are much more powerful than the ordinary creature of its species
    • In charge of it’s own species
    • Has a mental connection with it’s own species, can give them orders in their head from the other side of the world
    Killed by: A lot of whatever kills its species
    Look the exact same as the rest of their species

    • On earth, no wings.
    • Need a vassal – one bloodline specially chosen for each angel, this person can see angels in their true form, an angel needs their vassal to say yes and allow them into their body.
    • Their true form in heaven is a much more common perception of them. Example, Zachariah has three sets of wings and three heads in which one is a lion.
    • No human weapons harm them, it does not even leave a scratch eg if stabbed, the knife will go in but it can be pulled out without leaving an injury. However if they are punched, their skin is as hard as steel.
    • Can: teleport, time travel, make someone unconscious with a touch, erase and alter memories, bring someone back from the dead, kill demons by holding their hand the demon’s forehead, heal other people, see things invisible to humans, bring people back from hell, control peoples dreams
    • Angels know where every human is in the world unless the human has Enochian warding magic*
    • Tend to be uncooperative and unkind (they are WARRIORS of God)
    • People who are not chosen as a vassal or otherwise chosen who see an angel in their true form (without a vassal) can have their eyes burnt out and an angels true voice is high pitched and can burst a human’s ear drums.
    • Holy fire*
    • Enochian banishment sigil*
    • Don’t spend much time on Earth most stay up in Heaven most of the time.
    • This results in Angels not having good social skills or common of Earth’s culture.
    • Have faith like everyone else, they believe in God, only 4 angels have ever seen God
    • Killed by: an angel’s blade
    If you want an angel name but can't think of one, here is a list of angel names:

    • Most powerful type of angel
    • Can kill lesser angels with a touch
    • Are so powerful they leave their vassals as drooling, crazed idiots after they leave them
    • Killed by: an angel’s blade

    • Specialised angels
    • They are cupids
    • Their hello is a hug
    • They are very sensitive
    • They are always completely naked
    • They get orders from Heaven to make two people fall in love.
    • They leave a mark on the hearts of the people they have made fall in love.
    • Killed by: an archangels blade


    Fallen angels
    • Each angel has ‘grace’ which is their powers.
    • Angels can cut out their grace and fall to earth and be born a human without remembering being an angel, however, they will remember deep in their subconscious.
    • When an angel falls it falls as a meteor as does its grace though when the grace meteor hits earth it is pure creation (it can create a fully grown tree out of nothing).
    • A fallen angel can become an angel again by inhaling their grace again.
    • They can hear angels conversations in the air like ‘angel radio’.
    • Killed by: anything (are human)


    • Their names are ingrained into angels minds
    • Are each protected by an archangel
    • They dream important events in their sleep eg the coming of Jesus important
    • Are just normal people
    • Killed by: anything (are human)

    • Possesses people, does not need permission to possess them, can possess anyone
    • Their true form is black smoke, humans are not affected by seeing it
    • When a demon possesses someone, they show normal eyes but can change their eyes black which shows they are demons. Some demons can have different coloured eyes:
    • Red – crossroad/deal demon
    • Yellow – only Azazel has yellow eyes (thus his nickname ‘yellow eyes')
    • White – The most powerful demons
    • They are confined to hell unless they are released, they cannot go the earth themselves
    • Has superhuman strength, some telekinesis, most powerful demons can create explosions
    • A demon will shiver and show their eyes black at the name of God in Latin (Christo)
    • Have faith, believe in Lucifer (The Devil)
    • Can be exorcised back into hell
    • Are all evil without exception
    • Holy water and salt burns to their touch
    • Devil’s traps*
    • Leave sulphur behind (smells like rotten eggs)
    • Demons used to be people who were sent to hell and then turned evil (see Hell)
    • Demons will not suffer the effects of any other human injury upon their host body, though if they leave the body, the host will suffer all of them. This can prove fatal to the human host.
    • Angels know if a person is a demon or not indefinitely.
    • Killed by: Nothing usually but can be killed by a demon killing knife, the Colt or angels

    Hell hounds
    • They are invisible to humans except to the person the Hell hounds are after
    • Those who can see them see a big, black ferocious looking hound
    • They are basically a demon’s pet
    • Whenever someone has made a deal* and their time has run up, hell hounds are released to kill the person who has made the deal and send them to Hell
    • In the days leading up to the end of their deal, the prospective victim will see the Hellhounds in their dreams.
    • The Hoodoo implement Goofer Dust can be used to turn doors and windows into barriers
    • Killed by: nothing. It is impossible to defeat a Hellhound and even keeping them at bay is difficult. The only way of getting them to leave you alone is to get the demon holding your contract to go back on their decision

    While I spent ages doing this, these are only examples. I now have a rather interesting rule. With keeping with the style of supernatural you can go and research any creature or spirit you want from myth and legends and the interesting thing will be, you don’t have to tell how they can be killed, if you want to be the creature yourself you can let the person whose character is trying to kill you research and find out how to kill them themselves. However, if you wish to do this, you must make sure and find how they are killed and PM me.

    Items, Weapons and Important Areas

    A rabbit’s foot
    • Needs to be cut off and a spell put on it under the light of a full moon
    • If you own it, you are absurdly lucky
    • If you owned it and lost it, you are extremely unlucky, so unlucky that you will almost certainly die very soon after losing it
    • Destroyed by: fire

    (In case you didn't notice, Dean has the rabbits foot Wink )

    The Colt
    • This gun can kill anything at all
    • Only the Colt’s special bullets can be used in it
    • There is only one of its kind
    • With demons it also kills the person it was possessing

    Deals with demons
    • Are most easily made at crossroads – get a box, put your picture into it and other items
    • When you meet the demon, you say whatever you want eg to be an incredible painter or for a love one to come back from the dead
    • In return, the demon will most likely want your soul in 10 years but the payment can be anything for any length of years. The demons are bound by their word
    • The deal is sealed by a kiss

    Devil’s trap
    • A devil’s trap keeps demons and other supernatural being in. If a demon is inside, it cannot get outside without the circle being broken.
    • It can be drawn on either the roof or the floor
    • It can be drawn with anything

    • Salt repels demons and supernatural beings. It burns to the touch.
    • Rocksalt is the most effective

    Pure iron
    • Pure iron repels demons and supernatural beings. It burns to the touch.

    In this roleplay you can just say, ‘he/she said an exorcism’
    • Sends a demon back to hell
    • One person can start it then another person can finish it

    • Angels live there, God does not
    • For people, it is basically a replay of their best memories
    • Angels can be in their true form there and people who see them are unaffected
    • In the centre is a garden which is different for everyone in what they see

    Angel waiting room
    • Angels put people there to hold them, but usually they are people who the angels want to manipulate.
    • Is in a old rundown factory in America
    • The room self repairs itself so you cannot break out
    • The angels can remove the door and leave a wall in its place

    Enochian Banishment Sigils
    • Is a shape
    • Must be drawn in human blood
    • When someone puts their hand on it, it banishes all angels in the area for a while

    Enochian warding magic
    • Are shapes
    • When drawn on the walls of a building, angels cannot enter
    • When drawn on a person, angels cannot locate them
    • Can only be seen by angels, demons and other supernatural things

    Holy fire
    • Oil found in Jerusalem
    • Very rare
    • When on fire it has a certain effect on angels:
    - On angels – it will kill them
    - On archangels – it will banish them for a while
    • Can be used to trap them ie setting the oil on fire in a circle around them.

    • Demons are kept here, Lucifer is trapped here but demons cannot talk with him
    • For people, it is basically them getting tortured day in, day out and at the end of every day they are asked to take up a knife and start torturing other people if you refuse, you are healed and then tortured again and then asked the question again and so on
    • Time is different there - one month on Earth is 10 years in Hell

    Gate to Hell
    • It’s a gate to Hell
    • Things from Hell are let into Earth when opened


    Demon killing knife
    • There is only one known in existence
    • It is a knife which kills a demon whenever it is possessing someone however it also kills the person it was possessing

    Crying Angel statues
    • Whenever powerful demons are close to religious statues of angels they cry tears of blood.
    • They can remain crying blood for weeks or maybe months afterwards.

    Vampire cure
    • This is the ONLY cure for a type of supernatural being
    • The Campbell family has it as a SECRET family recipe so it also most likely not feature here.
    • It only works on vampires that have not tasted human blood.

    Electrical items
    • Whenever something supernatural is near, they flicker on and off

    • It reads Electro-Magnetic Fields
    • EMF is a machine which shows if a supernatural being is near or has been in the area
    • It does not work around power lines because of their magnetic fields

    Hex bag
    • Doesn’t allow demons near
    • Also, is needed for demon powered witches to cast spells on someone. Demon Powered Witches can only attack someone if a hex bag is near their victim

    • The most powerful and pissed off spirits leave ectoplasm behind.

    There are NO pictures of this on the internet so I'm just going to tell you it looks like thick black goo.

    • This is a bunch of idiots that kill spirits and such without any training.
    • They have an online show showing normal people how to kill ghosts.

    I think because most people do not watch Supernatural that I should restrict most main characters. The characters that I am outlawing are:
    Lucifer (the Devil)

    This video may also help

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