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    Kids in Futures and other stuff?


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    Kids in Futures and other stuff?

    Post by Neodraconis on Thu 7 Apr 2011 - 15:33

    Is there any planned plots for futures in some worlds. For example, why is there made future kids and stuff in different worlds and when are that futures being played? Is there anything you should think, when making future kids? Can you just mix two surnames from canon chars and then decide that they will have kids? How does it work?


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    Re: Kids in Futures and other stuff?

    Post by Wayward Daughter on Thu 7 Apr 2011 - 17:41

    Firstly, it has to be in a world where canons can be messed with - namely W2, W3, W5 and W8. Then, the people who want to pair their own OC with a canon. From the canons who are left, you try to go with a canon pairing, e.g. Charlie and Hiro, or Mohinder and Mira.

    Most of the future RPing is in W2, and that's because we have time travellers there, and occasionally the far off future ends up affecting the present. There's also a W2.5 there, which is set years in the future in that world, but it doesn't get used that much.


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