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    A Long Over Due Thank You

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    A Long Over Due Thank You Empty A Long Over Due Thank You

    Post by The Lost Boy PJ on Tue 19 Jun 2018 - 18:33

    Hi there

    You might not remember me but I used to post on here back when the site was new and Heroes was still on TV. I posted under a multitude of different names, from Ando-Is-Mighty to this one based off the Lost Boys I guess (Wow, real imaginative Younger Me).

    I haven't been on here in a while I remember put up a goodbye post at some point, then came back for a bit or something, I dunno.

    But recently I was showing my girlfriend the first Season of Heroes as she'd never seen it and I found memories flooding back to me I hadn't thought of in years.

    And then I found this site again and I found my old account and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you, from Lowry to Rajan to Pippy to everyone who ever used to be on here.

    I've seen some of my old posts and dear god you guys were patient with me, my typing, spelling, ideas and concepts were all dreadful or stolen from other pop culture things because I thought I was cool and smart. But you guys still put up with me and my attention seeking, my awful Fan Fics and my pleas to be noticed and at points when I was low you guys were always here for me.

    And despite the fact that now I'm a radically different person to the one I feel I used to be I still remember ChatAboutHeroes and can't help but Grin at the good times and roleplays we used to have.

    I think I may have used this stolen quote in my goodbye post back then but I'll use it again here.

    "If I was ever asked if I could go back and do it all again, I would, in a heartbeat"

    So yeah if anyone does read this if this site is still even a little active, I just wanted to say thank you, for putting up with that annoying kid all those years ago, and I hope you're all doing well.




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    A Long Over Due Thank You Empty Re: A Long Over Due Thank You

    Post by Superheroesfanatic-IR on Sat 11 Aug 2018 - 20:51

    Hi Patrick,

    Haven't been back on here for a while too, and funnily enough, reading your post I was thinking the same. Maybe because you have just written that, it too, is taking me back to similar memories, of how immature and stupid I was Razz

    Hope you all are doing well.


    A Long Over Due Thank You Misfit10
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