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    Are you on the list? Empty Are you on the list?

    Post by Mrs P Sylar on Thu 24 Sep 2009 - 21:43

    Ok, here is where all the usernames and who people are will be put.

    (The only order is in who comes to mind first!)

    Head Admin
    Superheroesfanatic-IR            = Rajan

    Wayward Daughter                = Lowri
    Flaming Star                        = Elly
    Mrs. P Sylar                        = Pippy

    Flying Man!                         = Josh
    MATTYGUY                          = Matt
    Enochian                             = Sin

    anonymousidentity20k          = TJ
    The Potter Gal                     = Holly
    A Returning Charlotte             = C
    Neodraconis                         = Neo/Joe
    Rockstarr                            = Jake
    blazingphoenix                     = Dana
    Mr Isaac                             = Danny
    Mock Turtle Very Happy                    = PJ
    Killuminati                            = Jason
    Funnybunnyofdoom               = Tony
    LEWIS                               = Lewis
    Rosie <3                          = Rosie
    Chris                                  = Chris
    Raiast                                = Natalie
    Carley 4Vamps 3 X               = Carley
    Bil                                     = Bil
    JoeG53ME                          = Joe
    aml2796                            = Alicia
    Ryan                                = Ryan
    Rajanaja Must Die.              = Luke
    HeroesFanTrut282              = Lucy
    Xenophobia.                      = Ryan
    King_C                             = Connaire
    alex                                = Alex
    Sylar_Kensei                     = Chrissy
    John                               = John
    Joke!                              = Joke
    Zed                                = Zed

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    Are you on the list? Empty Re: Are you on the list?

    Post by A Returning Charlotte on Wed 1 Jan 2014 - 11:22

    Hi there. I changed my username. You can remove and delete my brother TrekkieBoy too since he won't be coming back.


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